New app for hundreds of radio stations coming to iPad

8 Apr 2010

A new innovative mobile app for iPhone called Grab Radio which allows you listen to any radio station on the go through your iPhone or iTouch, the first of its kind in Europe and designed by an Irish company, will soon launch on the iPad.

The Grab Radio app has already been voted top of the 02 App of the Week and was listed at No 2 in the top paid apps in Ireland for the bulk of last week

Grab Radio allows you to listen to more than 100 radio stations that cover the best of Irish and UK radio stations.

You can listen to any programme and grab a song you love by purchasing it directly from iTunes to allow you build up your own music collection in crisp, clear and constant sound quality on the go.

The app was devised by Global Internet Radio Technologies, based in Galway.

Aonghus O’hEocha, founder and managing director of Global Internet Radio Technologies who created Grab Radio, explained: “Grab Radio offers the perfect solution to listen to and interact with your favourite station. You can select your station according to your current location by using a unique Google maps feature or a cool click wheel interface.

“When a station is outputting meta data (song/artist/album information) you can check out the artwork of your favourite album on your iPhone, iTouch, (and very soon iPad). As you listen the to the music you can then Grab or Tag the music you love. You can also share it with your friends.

“We’ve had a great reaction to the app with some extremely positive reviews and as we keep adding great content that should continue. As for radio stations, it provides them with a new source of revenue though advertising and affiliate fees.

“They can even run their in-app competitions, stream photos and video and use it for special targeted promotions. They can even develop their own mobile games making it more of an experience that people want to get involved with” O’hEocha said.

US-based advertising companies have already demonstrated that advertising revenues can reach US$5,000 a day if the app is in the top of the iTunes store. All existing users of Grab Radio Ireland edition will now receive a free upgrade to enable them to listen to the UK stations.”

How it works

Grab Radio allows users tag a tune to allow them keep a record of that song, along with the artist and album, to enable them build a bespoke collection of desired music. Users can give feedback to radio stations through a simple click of thumbs up/ thumbs down button.

This feature can also be used to comment on talk radio and even take part in radio polls.

It doesn’t stop with Apple products either, as the company is currently developing Grab Radio for Nokia and smart phones with the Android operating system.

By John Kennedy

Grab radio app

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years