Online ads standards house pushes advertisers towards ABCe audit

16 Apr 2009

The UK-based Internet Advertising Sales Houses (IASH) organisation has been expanding its remit to Ireland, in conjunction with online advertising platform eType Ireland, and has urged advertisers to undergo an ABCe Audit.

The move, which incorporates Irish ad networks under the UK council, is aimed at increasing transparency and security for brands.

IASH was created in 2005 to encourage best practice among online advertising sales houses within the UK market through the adoption of an effective code of conduct.

IASH members wish to ensure that display ads placed via their networks do not appear on website that could jeopardise advertisers’ brands.

“We have been actively campaigning for the incorporation of Ireland into the IASH organisation, and we welcome the news that Irish ad networks can now be considered for membership,” said Ciaran FitzGerald, managing director of eType Ireland.

“We welcome the opportunity to join our UK sister-companies eType and Accelerator as certified IASH members, and will submit ourselves for audit as soon as is possible.”

The IASH code of conduct provides a formal framework for best practice for IASH Members to follow when dealing with advertisers, agencies, networks and site owners.

The purpose of the code is to give those buying, selling or brokering internet advertising space a clear understanding of the types of inventory which can and cannot be used when fulfilling an ad insertion order.

The code forbids IASH members to sell inventory related to hate, indecency, bombs, guns, spyware and other illegal and objectionable content.

“IASH has grown its membership significantly over the past four years and created a comprehensive code of conduct and constitution to support ad networks in the UK,” said Julia Smith, senior manager of IASH.

“It is a natural extension for us to welcome new members from Ireland, and we already have a number of ad networks working towards IASH accreditation,” Smith added.

IASH works closely with ABCe to deliver a rigorous audit to ensure IASH non-members and members meet and adhere to the code of conduct.

An ABCe audit checks that the processes implemented by each IASH Sales House comply with key elements of the IASH code of conduct.  This rigorous process helps to ensure that all IASH Members continue to adhere to the requirements required.

“The IASH code of conduct will help the online advertising industry in Ireland by raising the bar for advertisers, sales houses and networks,” said Alan Greaney, CEO of Media Initiatives Group.

By John Kennedy