Rogue Facebook app hits nearly 60,000

29 Nov 2010

Another rogue application is spreading on Facebook, claiming to let users see who views their profile. So far, it has affected nearly 60,000 users.

According to Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, scammers are baiting users by claiming to have an app that lets users see who has been looking at their profile.

The message has been spreading on Facebook in this form: “OMG OMG OMG … I cant believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! on [LINK]”

When a user clicks the link, a page appears, asking the user to permit an application to have access to their Facebook profile.

If the user lets it access their profile, it simply posts the message on their page to spread the spam, without letting them find out who has been viewing their profile.

“Scams like this have been used to earn commission for the mischief makers behind them, who have no qualms about using your Facebook profile to spread their spammy links even further,” said Cluley on his blog.

Cluley recommends that users think before adding unknown applications to their profile, as they can use their private information for their own means.

He also recommends that those hit by the scam can disallow the application access to their information by clicking on “Account,” then “Privacy Settings” and then “Applications and Websites.”