Shaping up with Fitfone

15 Dec 2009

Launched today by Irish rugby legend Keith Wood and its creator, Dr Conor O’Brien, Fitfone is a new mobile-phone technology for those who want to lose weight and increase their fitness levels.

Speaking today at NovaUCD, for the launch of Fitfone, its inventor, the neurophysiologist and sports physician  Dr Conor O’Brien referred to the need to encourage people to exercise regularly and properly, with 18pc of the Irish population now obese.

O’Brien developed Fitfone to directly address this exercise problem via an easy-to-use, medically effective and cost-effective technology. 

Fitness measurement

Fitfone assesses and measures people’s fitness using a patented algorithm that O’Brien developed.

The algorithm is implemented within a software application that runs on GPS-enabled mobile phones.

As well as measuring your fitness levels, Fitfone can track your progress in real-time and analyse your fitness metrics. The application can also align with an individual’s personal fitness levels and can be used to personalise fitness programmes.

At today’s launch, Wood said: “We all need a hand, a push, a guiding light, to set goals initially and then achieve them. Health, fitness, vanity, whatever the reason, needs a catalyst. Fitfone is a product, a lifestyle that can nudge you in the right direction and keep you fully appraised as to how you are getting on.”

It’s a winner!

A former Irish Olympic team doctor, O’Brien is based at the Sports Surgery Clinic, Santry, and at Blackrock Clinic. In 2006, Fitfone was the overall winner of the NovaUCD 2006 Campus Company Development Programme.

Fitfone is working with O2 Ireland to launch this service in the Irish market. The application is available to download onto the Nokia 5800, 6220 and E66 handsets.

By Carmel Doyle