Tumblr begins to sell ad space for US$25k

3 May 2012

Blogging platform Tumblr has begun to introduce ads to the service, asking for US$25,000 as its ad price in order to only work with select advertisers.

While Tumblr’s CEO David Karp said he was ‘opposed’ to advertising in 2010, he recently took this back at Ad Age’s digital conference and said the service would host adverts.

Tumblr introduced two advertising packages for its service. It will offer advertising space on Tumblr Radar, which gives a sample of content posted on the network.

There will also be advertising space on Tumblr Spotlight, a ‘meticulously-curated’ section which showcases some of the best content uploaded to Tumblr. Advertisers will feature ‘front-and-centre’ in this segment.

The price for advertising through Tumblr is US$25,000 per ad which, according to VentureBeat, is so Tumblr can only attract select, high-quality advertisers.

Derek Gottfrid, vice-president of product at Tumblr, said the units are designed to encourage advertisers to engage with the platform in order to provide creative advertising for the site.

While the asking price is steep, many advertisers may want to take advantage of Tumblr’s growing audience. It has 54m users, has an audience of 141m and sees 70m posts per day. It also gets 17.5bn pageviews per month.