Twitter heart reaction might just be dead before it even starts

17 Nov 2015

It’s been less than a month since Twitter made the decision to drop its ‘favourite’ star in favour of the ‘like’ heart, but now they’re already looking to roll out emoji reactions, which could end the heart’s use.

Earlier this month, Twitter managed to cause a bit of a Twitter storm following its decision to drop the ‘favourite’ star, with some users not particularly happy to see it go, but, as usual, life goes on and everyone continued tweeting as normal.

But what will they do when they’re presented with multiple emoji reactions? While Twitter has not revealed anything officially, one intrepid Twitter user using the handle @_Ninji showed off, behind a veil of anonymity, what the site has in the works.

According to The Verge, the person behind the Twitter account has been using a jailbroken version of the app, which has let them gain access to early developmental builds of new features, which, in this case, shows a list of emoji reactions to tweets.

From the screenshots they have shown, it looks like there will be three panels of different emojis that many of us are surely used to, but the fact this is clearly not a final product might mean it could change radically, or even not be released at all.

It’s not really a surprise though that Twitter is looking at introducing emojis as it would be following the same mindset that Facebook had when it introduced emoji reactions to posts, rather than limiting itself to one positive reaction.

After all, given some of the dialogues that appear on Twitter, which might touch on serious or disturbing topics, a heart icon might not be the most appropriate.

Twitter hasn’t been totally silent on the matter, as when tweeted at by one of The Verge’s journalists asking for a comment, they responded with, well, an emoji.

Emoji stickers on face image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic