Twitter lights up with images of solar eclipse (photos)

22 May 2012

Image shows the eclipse over New Mexico, from Twitter user @MikeTheiss

Yesterday’s annular solar eclipse has been well-documented in images from Twitter users.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking out most, but not all, of its light. This causes the sun to appear as a bright ring in the sky, known as the ‘ring of fire’.

An annular eclipse can be viewed partially over a vast region, and yesterday’s was no exception. The eclipse was visible in parts of China, Taiwan, Japan and the US, while the cities of Guangzhou, Taipei, Tokyo and Albuquerque were on the central path.

Images on Twitter are coming from Japan, Korea, and a number of locations in western and south-western US. The collection includes photos from space, time-lapse shots and, of course, the obligatory Instagram shot.

You can browse all of the top images for the term ‘eclipse’ on the site, or, for your convenience, you can scroll down through the stunning selection we have for you here.

Two Japanese girls watch the eclipse

Two little Japanese girls take care while watching the eclipse (tweeted by a number of users)

Eclipse @Astro_Soichi

@Astro_Soichi, Japan


Eclipse @wacamera

@TommyMeharey, USA


Eclipse @2soku_waraji

A view of the eclipse from space, tweeted by a number of users


Eclipse @ESA

@ESA, the European Space Agency (image from Proba-2 satellite)


Eclipse @SaintRPh

@SaintRPh, USA


Eclipse @webcamsdemexico



Eclipse @sayaka



Eclipse @MissAnthrope500

Time-lapse shot of the eclipse over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Image by Pelo78 (Flickr), tweeted by MissAnthrope500


Eclipse @shutterfreek

@shutterfreek, New Mexico


Eclipse @wacamera

@wacamera, Japan


Eclipse @2soku_waraji

@2soku_waraji, Japan (accompanying tweet translated in Twitter’s blog as ‘Sunlight through a blind on our office floor looked like this.’)


Eclipse @GriffinSagar

@GriffinSagar, Hawaii


Eclipse @mr_sams

@mr_sams, San Francisco


Eclipse @YoshiokaAyano



Eclipse @eacobb

@eacobb2010, USA

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