Are You Passionate About Your Business?

14 Dec 2010

When you first think of starting a business it doesn’t take much to get the motivation and passion for your ideas.

However, after a few years in business or for some, a few months, you may find you lack the same passion and motivation to grow your business. That isn’t to say you don’t want to, it just doesn’t seem as fun. And with the new pressures on businesses now, it’s time for new thinking.

In working with a lot of business owners and managers, I have seen the cycle of passion for the companies start at a high and drop over the years. The key to maintaining the success and growth of your business is to keep your business’ motivation and passion high. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  1. Connect back with why you set up the business in the first place. What was your burning desire? What did you want to achieve? You may have set it up initially to earn money or to change career, but deep down there is a much more passionate reason as to what you wanted to achieve with your business. What was that?
  2. You don’t have to maintain the passion all by yourself; as long as you have stepped away from the business and put others in place that have the motivation to grow the business along with you.
  3. Take the time to read a motivational book or watch a motivational movie, especially ones that are true stories. Movies of extraordinary leaders in history are a great start.
  4. Have a target for where you want to be in a year with a BIG reward for you when you reach it. Goals are very important for us business owners. We tend to be very competitive and want to accomplish things; and goals can help you do that.
  5. Create a support system. Meet regularly with one or two advisers or mentors to report progress and get objective feedback and encouragement.
  6. If you ever catch yourself falling into a slump of non-motivation to get things done, take ‘time out’ to spend with your family at the park, going fishing or to a match. Taking the time to do this will remind you why you work as hard as you do. By remaining passionate and motivated around your work, you are giving yourself more time to spend with what’s most important.
  7. Take some exercise and keep your energy levels high. Keep healthy and acknowledge regularly where you are succeeding with your plans.

That’s my top 7 tips for staying passionate about your business. Have you any other tips you would like to add?

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Article by:

Paul Davis FCMA CMC

Davis Business Consultants

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Thursday 4th November 2010, 9:29 am

By Paul Davis

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