Netflix picks up Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror for new series

9 Sep 2015

Scene from Black Mirror. Image via Channel 4

After its cult success on the video-on-demand platform, Netflix has announced it has picked up Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror for its own in-house series.

Originally broadcast on Channel 4, Black Mirror became an instant success, showcasing a series of shorts featuring an all-star cast looking at the potential dystopian possibilities of technology, science and culture.

Written by Charlie Brooker of Newswipe fame, the series gained international notoriety after it was was put on Netflix in the US and became one of the most-watched non-original series on the platform.

Now, according to The Radio Times, Netflix has agreed a deal with Brooker’s production company, House of Tomorrow, to create “multiple episodes” of the show for it.

It is believed discussions began back in May with Brooker and, since then, the creator of the show has been working on scripts for the series’ return.

As for Channel 4’s involvement with Black Mirror now, a source within Channel 4 said to The Radio Times that the TV channel will likely have a first-look deal in place ahead of any competitors.

Neither Channel 4 nor Netflix have discussed the agreement officially, however.

Black Mirror’s last episode to air was its critically-acclaimed Christmas special, which saw Mad Men star Jon Hamm play the role of someone who, with the help of embedded technology placed in people’s brains, could ‘block them’ from his life.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic