Hot Xbox 360 games revealed at Tokyo Game Show

16 Sep 2010

Microsoft, along with top Japanese game developers, has showcased 10 new games for the console at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, which include five exclusive Kinect titles.

Capcom and SEGA revealed two new exclusive games from the Kinect at the keynote address. Microsoft also previewed new games for Kinect.

“Microsoft has never been more committed to Japanese developers, the heart of innovative gameplay, thrilling stories and iconic heroes,” Phil Spencer, corporate vice-president for Microsoft Game Studios, said.

“To date, Japanese games have already grossed more than $2bn on Xbox 360, and today’s announcements signal tremendous opportunities for Japanese developers to deliver the future of gaming with Kinect.”

Takashi Sensui, general manager of the Home and Entertainment Division for Microsoft, said: “This is the biggest year in our history, with controller-free entertainment, the best blockbuster games, movies, television, music and sports all coming to Xbox 360.”

“With the talent of the best creators from Japan, we’re able to bring even more fresh and unexpected experiences to millions of people around the world.”

Kinect exclusives for 2011

codename D comes from SUDA51, famed makers of killer7 and NO MORE HEROES. In this game, players must fight to survive in an evil amusement park filled with twisted creatures. Kinect puts the player in the position of the controller, and they must unleash devastating attacks to destroy enemies and objects.

Project Draco by comes from Yukio Futatsugi, the director of cult smashes Phantom Dust and Panzer Dragoon. This is a 3D flying shooter that utilises Kinect into giving the player the ability to nurture and communicate with your dragon as you develop and train it as a partner in combat. Players can also join friends on Xbox LIVE to play together and battle.

Haunt from NanaOn-Sha allows players to play with friends and family to explore a haunted house. Players must unravel the veil of rumours to discover its dark secret. They almost must dodge traps and outwit ghosts, using Kinect’s motion-based technology.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor comes from Capcom and From Software, reviving the fan favourite Steel Battalion series. It’s set in a world where computers and modern technology has been lost and where the greatest nations battle for supremacy. The American army has landed in New York to begin the offensive of a long ground war. As comrades fall in the crossfire, the Vertical Tanks make their relentless advance. It can be experienced on Kinect for the Xbox 360.

Rise of Nightmares comes from SEGA and offers a horror gaming experience using the new controls from Kinect. Players will use their whole body to experience fear and tension in this exciting horror adventure.

Xbox LIVE Arcade games

Fire Pro Wrestling comes from Spike, allowing a player to customise their avatar to debut as a pro wrestler.  Players can choose from a vast array of costumes before stepping into the ring. The game features unlockable moves and the ability to face off against friends and family, along with online competitive modes. It will be available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Radiant Silvergun from Treasure is getting a revival on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The classic scrolling shooter from the SEGA Saturn is a spiritual successor to critically acclaimed “Ikaruga.” It will see the return of the unique seven-weapon system among other fan favourite gameplay features. It also includes improvements, such as the addition of a new system to enhance the original chain system.

Xbox 360 blockbusters for 2010 onwards

Metal Gear Solid: Rising appeared at the TGS event. The latest edition of the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid franchise sees the series’ debut on the Xbox 360. It will star recurring character Raiden and features “lightning bolt action” in this new stealth-based adventure.

Body and Brain Connection comes from Namco and challenges players to exercise both mind and body in an energetic party game from the originators of the video game brain-training game. Players must think and act fast as they answer maths, logic, reflex, memory and physical questions using the Kinect’s motion capabilities. It features more than 20 different activities in single and multiplayer modes. It allows up to four friends to compete in activities as they battle for the youngest brain age. It includes a daily progress tracker to ensure that players are up to date with their current brain age.

Child of Eden from Ubisoft is a multi-sensory shooter that sends players into a kaleidoscopic matrix of synchronised music and visuals. It comes from renowned game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Rez. Players are thrown into the centre of a battle to save Project Lumi,a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden, the archive of all human memories. As the project nears completion, the archive is infected with a virus. The player must save Eden from the virus to restore peace.