What happens when you crush a hydraulic press with a hydraulic press?

18 Apr 2016

YouTube has a new star, and it’s not a gamer or a make-up artist, but a Finnish couple who have access to a powerful hydraulic press, and a lot of free time to crush things.

In age of quick cuts and super-excited vloggers attracting the eyeballs of millennials, it’s quite refreshing to find a channel where everything is as it seems, that being, the Hydraulic Press Channel.

For those unfamiliar with the channel, it couldn’t be more straightforward, with items chosen from internet suggestions and whatever the creators of the Finnish channel have at hand put into a hydraulic press and crushed, with incredible results.

As the channel description says: “Wanna see stuff getting crushed by a hydraulic press? This is the right channel for you.”

Starting six months ago, the channel’s popularity surged once it gained traction on Reddit, and now each of the channel’s 23 videos has an average of 1m views.


One of the most popular videos on the channel answers the question of what happens when you try to fold a piece of paper more than seven times?

Not to spoil the end, but rest assured the results are explosive.

But, perhaps, the most impressive is the video that attempts what it calls ‘pressception’, where a hydraulic press is crushed by a hydraulic press.

Check out some of the best videos from the channel below.

Hydraulic piston image via Shutterstock

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