‘Man who slipped on ice on the news’ goes viral …. again!

23 Dec 2011

During a cold snap in early 2010 the entire nation of Ireland held its breath … and guffawed … at the image of one man skittering across the ice and landing painfully in Dublin. The RTE TV news report went viral and now it’s back, only this time as a mockumentary about what ever happened to the man who slipped on the ice.

While the original video at the time was both a salutary warning about treacherous conditions, it was nevertheless a light in the gloom of perilous climatic and economic conditions. Oh, how we laughed.

But now we’re laughing again thanks to a new video that has gone viral in Ireland on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, a mockumentary of what ever happened to Brendan Adhere, the man who slipped on the ice in the news.

Written by Tom Walsh and Kevin McGahern, the five minute long drama looks into the life of the accidental celebrity a year or so later. Kevin McGahern plays Brendan Adhere, Tom Walsh is the interviewer and Edwin Sammon plays a professor. The entire thing was filmed and edited by Walsh.

The video tells the story of how Adhere is coming to terms with his sudden fame, his accident prone nature and his attempts to walk down that stretch of path again with out slipping.


Man who slipped

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years