Social game developer Zynga reveals new game CityVille

18 Nov 2010

Zynga, the social gaming giant behind FarmVille and FrontierVille, is releasing what it calls its “most social game” so far, CityVille.

‘CityVille’ marks the developer’s first global launch, with French, English, Spanish, German and Italian versions rolling out at the same time. A beta version will be available in the coming weeks, Zynga said.

In ‘CityVille’, players become urban planners. They can set up businesses, export goods, build schools and clear land for the city’s expansion. The social aspect lies in interacting with friends’ cities by franchising businesses, shipping over goods and establishing trade relationships. The game also includes 3D buildings and characters, the first such elements in a game by Zynga.

More than 225 million people play Zynga games each month via the social networks Facebook and MySpace, and iPad and iPhone applications.