Steve Jobs once had a starring role in funky music video

2 Nov 2015

While the release of the film Steve Jobs is imminent here in Ireland, back in 2013, two years after his death, the late Apple chief executive played a starring role in the music video for the instrumental band Vulfpeck.

While being credited as featured in the song, the video runs in the background showing raw footage of an interview Steve Jobs took part in all the way back in 1990.

Back then, Jobs was still trying to build commercial success with his company neXT following his ousting from Apple and decided that the best way to do it was discuss his childhood through comparisons with the animal kingdom.

In the clip used in the video, Jobs was posed the question of the importance of the computer in society and begins comparing it to the condor and its rank as the most efficient species based on the amount of energy used to travel.

He goes on to say that while humans on their own were ranked quite low on this list of efficiency, a human on a bike far outstripped the efficiency of locomotion of the condor.

The idea being, humans are a species of tool builders, which Jobs eventually gets to, but somehow it all just seems better when put behind a funky track, in this case Vulfpeck’s Barbara.

If the name of the band doesn’t sound familiar, then it might when you reference the last time they made the news last year when they released an album on Spotify that was completely silent.

By releasing an entirely silent album, the band hoped that people could just leave it playing overnight in order to rack up the tiny royalty payments to create an actual follow-up musical album.

Sadly, the album was pulled by Spotify shortly after but the band continue to make some funky, funky music.

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Collage of Steve Jobs via Charis Tsevis/Flickr

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic