YouTube achieves 4bn daily views

23 Jan 201294 Views

Video website YouTube – essentially the second-largest search site in the world after Google – is streaming 4bn videos every day, up 25pc in the last eight months. A key factor is the uptake of YouTube on smartphones and television devices.

YouTube is seeing up to 60 hours of video uploaded every minute, compared with 48 hours back in May.

According to Reuters, a key reason for the jump in traffic is the various versions of the site for smartphones, tablet computers and televisions.

Another key reason is YouTube’s efforts to introduce professional grade content to the site.

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Google acquired YouTube for US$1.6bn in 2006.

Google’s display ads business is generating US$5bn in revenue each year.

It is understood that while most of the 4bn YouTube videos that are streamed each day do not make money, some 3bn videos a week are monetised.

John Kennedy is an award-winning technology journalist who served as editor of for 17 years.