Zynga’s online gaming platform is now live

6 Mar 2012

The beta version of Zynga’s online gaming platform – Zynga.com – is now live after the social-gaming company announced the new service last week.

The site has launched, hosting games such as Words with Friends, CastleVille, CityVille, Zynga Poker and Hidden Chronicles.

Along with hosting its own games on the platform, Zynga will let third-party developers create and publish their titles for the site, too. Early partners include Mob Science, Row Sam Bow and Sava Transmedia.

It will open to other developers through an API later this year and developers will be able to leverage Zynga’s zCloud private infrastructure to let them scale their games.

The new platform sees Zynga move from being completely dependent on Facebook for delivering its games. However, the site is not cutting its ties from Facebook, as the social network will be heavily integrated into Zynga’s platform.

Players can log in with their Facebook ID and play games with Facebook friends and with people on Zynga’s platform. They have profiles to highlight their favourites games, friends and recent activity. There is also a live chat on the game board to let players chat and exchange virtual gifts.