PhD candidate details her research into persuasive technologies for children’s healthcare (video)

10 Dec 2012

Silicon Republic CEO Ann O'Dea awards Damyanka Tsvyatkova the annual internship at the Irish Research Council's Symposium in September

The Irish Research Council teamed up again with Silicon Republic earlier this year to offer one researcher an internship in online media. This year’s winner is Damyanka Tsvyatkova, who tells us all about her PhD in designing persuasive technologies for children and adolescents with diabetes.

As part of the competition, Irish Research Council researchers had to submit a short video to communicate the value of their research to a non-scientific audience.

Tsvyatkova’s video, which details her PhD research on persuasive technologies in healthcare for children and adolescents, has been selected as the winning entry by a panel at Silicon Republic.

Damyanka, who hails from Bulgaria, is in the first year of her PhD, having been awarded a three-year scholarship from the Irish Research Council.

She is based at the Interaction Design Centre at University of Limerick and her research aims to design persuasive technologies in healthcare in order to support children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

“The aim of this project is to design persuasive technologies in order to enhance the lives of children who suffer from diabetes,” Damyanka explains.

Check out our interview with Tsvyatkova here. Below is her winning video entry, which gives a vibrant visual depiction of her research.

Tsvyatkova’s winning video:

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic