Cozmotec: The dentist-turned-accountant who started her own business

30 Oct 2023

Founder and CEO Cuty Gupta. Image: Cozmotec

With a primary focus on RPA and AI, Dublin-based Cozmotec hopes to make tech more accessible to SMEs looking to overcome operational challenges.

When Cuty Gupta, a qualified dentist by background, first moved to Ireland many years ago, she was disappointed that her Indian qualification did not translate to the Irish system. Passionate about problem-solving and all things technical, she soon pivoted to a career in accounting and finance with a focus on technology.

Rising through the ranks at a Dublin accountancy firm, she eventually became director of innovation and technology before realising something about accountancy. “It just got boring,” she told me over a call last week. “I knew it was time to start my own business.”

We’ve heard from many founders over the years as part of Start-up of the Week, but Gupta’s stands out as particularly inspiring. Having worked at teams of all sizes, from start-ups to businesses with multimillion-euro turnovers, Gupta soon recognised a “huge knowledge gap” in the technologies available to them.

“Being both a born problem-solver and unashamedly ambitious person I had no choice but to set up Cozmotec to fill this space,” she said.

“Cozmotec is all about making advanced technology and automation affordable and easy to use for every business. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes benefit from these tools without straining their budgets. We want to make sure that all businesses can succeed in today’s tech-driven world.”

So what does the start-up do? Essentially, Gupta explained, Cozmotec is an automation tech company with a primary focus on robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence.

Using these technologies, the company has platforms to help SMEs with tailor-made software development, user interface and experience design, website development and even project management.

‘Overcoming operational challenges’

And at the core of the technologies Cozmotec creates, Gupta argues, is simplicity.

“While the underlying technology is complex, we strive to present it in the most user-friendly manner possible. We believe that the true value of automation is unlocked when it’s accessible to everyone within an organisation,” said Gupta, who founded the Swords-based company last year.

“To achieve this, we design our interfaces and user experiences to be intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that front-end users can leverage the power of RPA and AI without the need for advanced technical expertise. This approach allows businesses to quickly adopt and benefit from our technology.”

While still a bootstrapped business as of now, Gupta hopes to bag investment in the near future to help with the launch a couple of generative AI products currently in the works.

Cozmotec is also gearing up for the launch of its line of SaaS products by the first quarter of next year to give its SME customers a wider range of technologies to improve their businesses.

“The feedback from our existing customers has been incredibly encouraging, and the results our solutions have delivered have played a significant role in attracting new customers to our platform,” Gupta went on.

“We’re actively working on expanding our team to meet the growing demand for our services. This involves recruiting skilled professionals who can efficiently handle the increased workload and maintain our commitment to high quality service.”

Ultimately, Gupta hopes that Cozmotec can carve a niche for itself in helping businesses of all sizes globally to “overcome operational challenges” by making technology accessible and affordable for all.

“We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and every business is unique in its own way, hence solutions to the problems must be unique.”

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic