Extra €3.1m for CEBs for job creation in start-ups

28 Sep 2011

Minister John Perry, TD

City and County Enterprise Boards (CEB) are to receive an additional €3.1m to fund job creation projects among start-ups and expanding businesses to the end of 2011.

Minister for Small Business John Perry, TD, announced the funding at the Small Business Advisory Forum, which is on top of the €15m already provided to CEBs in 2011.

“If we are to get out of this crisis, it is crucial that we strive in every way possible to encourage the start-up and expanding businesses that will create the jobs of the future,” he said.

This year, a number of CEBs have indicated that they would not have sufficient funding to respond to the needs of start-ups in their areas, and so the department sought to make savings in other areas to provide funding for these vital businesses.

“As a result, we will be providing an additional €3.1m for start-up and expanding businesses. This funding will go to the 28 CEBs which are experiencing additional demand for their services, and will directly fund projects that will create over 400 jobs around the country,” Perry said.

“It is very encouraging that 28 CEBs have sufficient demand from projects in their area to justify these requests, and this shows that the start-up spirit is alive and well in Ireland.”