Israeli fintech AI start-up wins Finovate Europe ‘Best in Show’

12 Feb 2016

An Israeli fintech start-up called Capitalise that uses AI to turn natural language into financial investments has won the Best in Show prize at this year’s Finovate Europe event.

The Israeli fintech company was one of the hundreds of companies competing at the start-up conference held in London this week with the aim of offering a glimpse of what the future holds for fintech and e-payments.

The concept behind Capitalise is particularly interesting given the increasing interest among the general public to begin investing in stock options in the most talked about and innovative companies, which has led to the creation of services like the Irish company Rubicoin.

When you are signed up to Capitalise’s platform, it will sit on the trading page of a bank or broker and is accessible via a Google-like text-entry field.

Once information is inputted, the software automatically triggers the trade to enable automated portfolio management.

So, taking one of the company’s own examples, you could write: “Every day at 12pm for the next five days, buy 100 shares of SBUX as long as coffee futures don’t move above daily close price”.

Speaking of the win at Finovate Europe, Capitalise’s co-founder and CEO Shahar Rabin said: “This is a major endorsement for us and our innovation that promises to change the way people interact with their investments.

“Finovate has been a world class showcase for Capitalise and I look forward to fast tracking our development as a result of our success here.”

Five other companies were also selected as Best in Show for Finovate Europe including: DriveWealth, EyeVerify, IDScan Biometrics, SwipeStox and Valuto.


This article was amended to reflect there were five other Best in Show winners at the conference.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic