Square1 invests in Shane Monahan’s social audio app Limor

8 Apr 2020

From left: Cian Blackwell, Shane Monahan, Ciarán Maher and Diego Solzorano. Image: Square1

Square1 is backing Limor, an audio app founded by former professional rugby player Shane Monahan.

Irish design and development agency Square1 has invested in audio app Limor, becoming a shareholder of the social audio start-up. Square1 will now work with Limor in building the next release of its app later this year.

Established in 2013 by Ciarán Maher and Diego Solorzano, Square1 has clients from the publishing sector across Ireland and the UK. The company says that its Publisher Plus platform is used by nearly 70pc of publishers in the Irish market.

Commenting on the deal, Solorzano said: “We see Limor and social audio as a great complement for our publishers, and we are excited at the prospect of using the potential of the Limor platform to allow our existing and future clients to better engage with their audiences.”

Other investors in Limor include former Ryanair group treasurer Cian Blackwell, who is a current board member of the Irish Aviation Authority.

Blackwell said: “Social audio is emerging as a critical component of the expanding voice economy, and Limor is positioned at the forefront of this wave. I am thrilled to be on board with Limor and to help shape its future at this critical phase in the growth of the company and the entire sector.”

Limor’s functionality

Founded by former professional rugby player Shane Monahan, the Limor app enables users to instantly record, edit and share voice recordings and podcasts straight from their phone. With Limor, no equipment or audio production skills are required to put together a podcast.

Podcast creators can share their work on the app’s main feed and communicate directly with their followers through the app’s voice comments section, creating a social aspect.

Monahan said: “We are delighted to partner with Square1, one of Ireland’s leading software development companies, and we are excited about working with Square1’s talented development teams at this exciting stage in Limor’s expansion.

“This partnership enables Limor to accelerate our plans to become leaders in social audio engagement and analytics. Our vision is to give every individual a voice, and instant access to the emerging era of audio and soon to be a $1trn dollar voice economy.”

Podcasts and audio in the age of Covid-19

With ongoing physical distancing and self-isolation measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Monaghan added that there is a space in the current market for his app.

“There has never been a higher desire for social interaction, aural content and verbal communication, and Limor can offer this,” he said.

“Covid-19 is having a massive effect on the economy, businesses, employers, employees and individuals across the globe. Limor offers everyone the instant ability to engage in verbal communication and interaction, which is so important in this time of crisis.”

Square1 added that the company can see the potential and future applications of social audio and how Limor can expand as a voice-enable service.

“The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world, how we communicate, and how we interact as we know it,” the company said.

“Limor will allow everyone to adapt to this change in a simple, innovative way and help people get through this difficult period by introducing them to social audio. We have just launched our own Square1 traditional podcast on the Limor platform and are really enjoying the experience of using the app and social audio.”

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic