10 Internet Explorer memes to remember why you never use Internet Explorer

18 Mar 2015

Internet Explorer voodoo doll image via Jorgen Kesseler/Flickr

It’s been a long time coming, frankly, but the launch of Windows 10 will effectively see the end of Internet Explorer (IE) and with that, it’s hard not to get nostalgic for the bad times.

Having been around for just under 20 years, Windows’ default browser has been the subject of much mockery as the browser that just refused to get with the times while alternatives like Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and even Apple’s Safari kept up with the pace at which web browsing was advancing.

The news of IE’s demise came with the latest details being revealed on Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system, that will include a brand new browser known as Spartan.

Despite its dislike online over issues of malware, numerous bugs, unappealing user interface and slowness, IE still remains the second-most used browser in the world, with the latest figures showing it accounts for just over 20pc of the world’s used browsers, which pales in comparison to Chrome’s 46pc.

So while there might not be many tears shed for IE, the internet is still capable of sharing a laugh at its expense.


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Internet Explorer Bad Time

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic