YouTube Rewind, viral videos’ dead cat bounce

10 Dec 2015

YouTube Rewind 2015

It turns out YouTube has found the cure for viral videos: time. In YouTube Rewind, the video site squeezes in so many forgotten, blink-of-an-eye moments that you might actually be thankful that they have all found a home together.

YouTube Rewind is an annual compilation off all the random viral memes, videos and instant celebrities that your mind correctly chose to forget. But the video is theatrical, put to music and with really high production quality – so it’s not all bad.

In six minutes of dancing, yelling and presumably acting, a conveyor belt of YouTube celebrities (I think, as I only recognised two people in the whole thing and apparently there are far more recognisable faces) and a swathe of 2015’s ‘iconic’ moments are put centre stage.

The description of the video lists an incredibly long list of YouTubers featured, actually, with (counts on fingers…) 89 “& more” in there.

There’s an even longer list of actors, which I’m not counting for you. Check out the video and see how many former cultural reference points you can remember.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic