Shia LaBeouf’s #AllMyMovies marathon experiment is bizarre

11 Nov 2015

Actor Shia LaBeouf has become something of an internet icon of late for his somewhat bizarre antics and willingness to do what the internet craves, with #AllMyMovies being the latest oddity.

The Hollywood star, who hasn’t really been doing many movies lately, has decided to subject himself to watching 27 films that he has starred in throughout his career, having started with his most recent film Man Down, and going all the way back to his 1998 debut in Breakfast with Einstein.

Fans of the actor, or his films, have been turning up to the Angelika Film Center in Greenwich Village, New York to sit with the him, for free, to watch his films.

According to The Guardian, the very 21st-century human spectacle is being organised by NewHive, a publishing platform for new media content, along with LaBeouf and his team.

But for those of us on the internet, it gets even weirder as we can now, as of this moment, watch the actor watch himself in absolute silence for hours on end.

Making minimal facial expressions, LeBeouf is either there or going for one of his allotted bathroom breaks.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the actor has garnered attention on the internet, with some recent examples including #IAMSORRY following the alleged copying he did of a comic book artist’s work.

He also went viral following the editing of what looked like the actor stuck on a person’s balcony arguing with them to let him in.

If you’re tuning in and seeing nothing, don’t worry, as it appears that the stream is somewhat temperamental.

Or else, it might just be an excuse to question whether it’s what you want to do with your evening.

Click the image to watch him, if you dare.

Shia in the cinema


Shia LaBeouf image via eskimo_jo/Flickr


Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic