Viral videos: Sneezing baby hedgehog and Simon ‘Die Hard’ Zebo

24 Jul 2015

This week in viral videos, a baby hedgehog sneezes its way into our hearts, Simn Zebo does his best John McClane impression and a man attempts to jump in the world’s grimmest swimming pool.

Adorable hedgehog hoglets sneezing

Ah here, this is more cuteness than one person can handle. With the help of Wildlife Aid, three hedgehog hoglets were rescued just 24 hours after their mother had abandoned them.

Obviously a little cold and frightened, the three little creatures were brought back to full health and now appear to be getting used to their new comfy surroundings.

Being told apart by dabbing nail polish on their spines, the three then break the cute barrier by sneezing. Not much else to say really, just look at them!

Uploaded: 19 July 2015

Destroy your phone with Senator Lindsey Graham

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of modern American politics. Republican presidential hopeful Senator Lindsey Graham doesn’t really want you to concern yourself with public policy decisions.

Rather, for some reason, he’d have you more concerned with throwing in a dig at other hopeful and toupéd billionaire Donald Trump all while breaking old mobile phones.

It literally offers nothing else, but it’s proving pretty popular online so if you like seeing a middle-aged, powerful white guy getting his teenage angst on, then look no further.

Uploaded: 22 July 2015

Idiot splash

Couldn’t agree more with the title of this video, frankly. I’m not sure where exactly it is but it’s hard to imagine a more grim-looking backyard pool.

As always with fail videos, however, it has the gradual, slow build-up that all people love as he wets his feet (?) prior to his dive attempt and bigging himself up to the guy filming him.

So take note kids, an actual diving board is much better to use than a flimsy plastic chair.

Uploaded: 20 July 2015

Kid fails at eating a hot dog

Eating a hot dog at a baseball game is as American as you get, that is, unless you aren’t really watching the game are failing at eating said hot dog.

This was the case for one kid at a baseball game who was caught on camera failing miserably at eating an adult-sized hot dog.

Either way, watching a kid fail at eating a hot dog at a baseball game is arguably more entertaining than actually watching a baseball game.

Watch out for his killer ‘five second rule’ skills.

Uploaded: 21 July 2015

Drone rescues fellow drone

Yo dawg, we hear you like rescuing drones so we got a drone to rescue your drone so you can have two drones.

This meme reference was brought you with the help of Harrisen Howes who as a drone pilot foolishly let one of his drunk friends fly one of his aircraft, who then ended up crashing it on a neighbour’s roof.

And this begins the most dramatic drone rescue of all time (probably) recruiting a bigger DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone to rescue the original Syma X5C, all to the music of soundtrack legend Hans Zimmer.

Fly drone, you’re free now!

Uploaded: 22 July 2015

Deer likes screaming

This week in ‘when animals make weird noises we weren’t expecting’, a deer in Japan surprises American tourists with a weird noise we weren’t expecting.

It sort of sounds like a curious fart noise, only for it to be followed up by some satanic scream that probably says something if you played it backwards.

Honestly, the people’s reactions to the deer is probably the best bit of the video, they really find it hilarious and I don’t blame them.

Uploaded: 22 July 2015

Seagull KO

Seagulls. No one likes them and anyone who does must have a psychotic streak that enjoys seeing the scourge of skies rule our lives during the summer months.

Well for one man and golfer, he’s beginning (entirely by accident) a one-man crusade to end their dominance over the world, one golf swing at a time.

And all it took was one really, really bad golf swing off the tee. “Yeah, he killed a bird”, says one man behind the golfer who is truly the most observant type.

We don’t know if the bird is actually dead, but we can be rest assured there’s at least five to take its place.

Uploaded: 20 July 2015

KKK marches to the tuba

In an orchestra, the sousaphone can add much needed oomph to the tinnier sound of the violin, but on its own, it becomes an instrument of hilarity.

In this case, a KKK rally in the US was thankfully interrupted by one anti-KKK protestor who brought their sousaphone, giving them some hilarious marching music.

The KKK crowd don’t react, thankfully, but are clearly miffed by the send-off. Oh well.

Uploaded: 19 July 2015

Try Hard with Simon Zebo

Kudos Elvery Sports, you’ve done good here. In its bid to sell more jerseys it’s done some competition or whatnot, but to promote it it has hired Irish rugby star Simon Zebo to take on the role of John McClane from Die Hard in Try Hard.

Adding a massive wedge of Irishness, Zebo fights off comedian Patrick McDonnell who plays the Hans Gruber role.

Well, aside from Patrick actually, it’s mostly filled with some rather entertaining acting from non-actors, which is usually worth a good laugh, and it’s worth giving a watch.

Uploaded: 22 July 2015

Baby hedgehog image via Shutterstock

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic