Celtic Tiger meets Rate Tiger for €700,000 global hotel deal

26 Nov 2008

Irish technology firm Pulse Technology has signed a deal worth an estimated €700,000 with Rate Tiger to help hotels in 60 countries worldwide boost their revenues by up to 12pc.

The agreement will allow Rate Tiger customers to use a Pulse Technology software package called Rate Wise, a yield management system that has been proven to increase a hotel’s revenue by between 5-12pc by generating optimised room rates.

Rate Wise works by taking a hotel’s occupancy data from its computerised PMS (property management system), and through innovative technology, suggests the room rate the hotel should be selling at on any particular day.

As a result of this deal, Rate Tiger client hotels in 415 cities will be able to use Rate Wise to automatically determine their best available rates – which will then be uploaded through Rate Tiger to all third-party hospitality channels and travel portals in real time.

It is envisaged that this will save hoteliers a tremendous amount of time – as much as 80pc – in managing rates and updating third-party travel websites.

Pulse Technology managing director Niall O’Meara pointed out that in the current economic climate, maximising RevPAR – revenue per available room – at the same time as minimising the costs associated with yield management were hoteliers’ top priorities.

“Our primary focus with Rate Wise is to ensure that hoteliers can instantly update their best available rates, as calculated by the system, to third-party websites by the simple click of a button. As a result of this new agreement with Rate Tiger, that is now possible.”

Rate Tiger’s chief operating officer, Sascha Hausmann added: “This agreement with Pulse Technology is significant because it will allow us at Rate Tiger to expand our offering to a wider customer base.”

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years