Deloitte and Tableau team up for analytics partnership

15 Oct 2015

Deloitte has teamed up with Tableau Software

Deloitte and Tableau Software have entered an alliance, allowing the former to provide greater analytics visualisation to its customers.

Deloitte’s self-service analytics capabilities will be immediately enhanced with Tableau’s software driving “rapid value” to customers.

The duo will work together to provide agile business intelligence solutions to help customers “gain a deeper understanding of their data”.

Considering the whole idea of Deloitte’s operation is to provide better business understanding to its customers, something like this does make a fair bit of sense.

“As a long-standing Tableau customer, Deloitte has experienced the benefit of helping people to see and understand their data,” said Kelly Wright, executive vice president at Tableau Software.

“We’re excited to take our relationship to a new level with this strategic alliance, extending our reach and benefiting from Deloitte’s passion for helping clients make better business decisions.”

Deloitte was recently ranked top of the pile in a ‘thought leadership’ ranking of consulting businesses by Source.

According to Source, Deloitte’s in-depth coverage of technology’s impact on the retail industry was a key USP, demonstrating its ability to provide actionable insights on emerging trends.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic