HubSpot surpasses 100-engineer milestone in Dublin

7 Sep 2018

A chalk wall at HubSpot Inbound 2018 in Boston. Image: John Kennedy

Engineering activities now a key indicator of maturity of tech firms in Dublin.

Marketing software firm HubSpot has surpassed the 100-engineer milestone in Dublin and the team is core to its product development activities. spoke with HubSpot’s EMEA managing director, Christian Kinnear, at the company’s Inbound 2018 event in Boston.

‘We’re proud of the impact our engineering team in Dublin is having’

HubSpot is a global inbound marketing and sales platform that is used by more than 48,000 businesses in 1,000 countries.

Yesterday (6 September), HubSpot revealed a move into the enterprise software market in a looming clash with established players such as Microsoft and Salesforce. Kinnear revealed that Service Hub, one of the three core pillars of HubSpot’s new Enterprise Growth Suite, was built entirely from the ground up in Dublin, which is also home to many of the company’s mobile product development activities.

In 2016, HubSpot announced plans to create 320 new jobs at its European headquarters at One Dockland Central, in a bid to bring total employment at the company in Dublin to about 500 people.

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah founded HubSpot 12 years ago when they were both studying for MBAs at MIT.

“We’re proud of the impact our engineering team in Dublin is having,” Kinnear said.

Kudos Átha Cliath

Man in grey sports jacket smiling at camera.

Hubspot EMEA managing director Christian Kinnear. Image: John Kennedy

He pointed out that traditionally, many US tech firms focused on business operations in Dublin and less on core engineering and product development, but HubSpot is spearheading a new direction for US digital giants.

“Our first product people came aboard in Dublin in 2015. Dublin is a viable talent pool and we have now surpassed the 100-engineers mark, which is a massive milestone for us. It signals the next-wave economy that we all aspire to for Dublin, and it is clear the tide is changing from business activities to engineering, too.

“The Service Hub product was born in Dublin and it is now one of the three core pillars of our Global Enterprise Suite and we are very proud of that.

“It is tremendous kudos for our entire operation in Dublin,” Kinnear said.

Looking to the future, he added: “From our perspective, there is a bunch more growth to come from Dublin in terms of the team, the results and the products.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years