VMware appoints Pat Gelsinger new CEO

19 Jul 2012

Virtualisation software provider VMware has appointed EMC’s information infrastructure products president and COO Pat Gelsinger chief executive officer, effective 1 September. Gelsinger succeeds Paul Maritz.

Maritz will remain a board member of VMware and will take on a new technology strategist role at EMC. Gelsinger will also be named to VMware’s board of directors, effective 1 September, as well.

Gelsinger spent 30 years at Intel before joining EMC. He possesses expertise in the x86 architecture and ecosystem underpinning most virtualised environments today, which is recognised as the foundation for cloud computing, VMware said in a statement.

At Intel, Gelsinger served as senior vice-president and co-general manger of the company’s Digital Enterprise Group, Intel’s largest business group accounting for more than half of its annual revenue.

“Pat, with his deep passion for technology and track record, will complement the strong management team that is already in place at VMware, recently strengthened by the promotion of Carl Eschenbach to chief operating officer,” said Maritz.

“This all means that I can devote my time to developing the strategy of EMC as it relates to big data and a new generation of cloud-oriented applications.”

CEO image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic