95pc renewable energy by 2050

3 Feb 2011

By 2050 the world’s energy can be 95pc renewable, a study presented by WWF International has revealed.

The report offers a detailed analysis and scenario presented by energy consultancy Ecofys, an analysis by WWF, and a graphic narrative by OMA that by 2050, the demand for transport, power, industrial and domestic energy could be met solely with isolated residual uses of fossil and nuclear fuels.

“The Energy Report shows that in four decades we can have a world of vibrant economies and societies powered entirely by clean, cheap and renewable energy and with a vastly improved quality of life.”

“If we continue to rely on fossil fuels, we face a future of increasing anxieties over energy costs, energy security and climate change impacts,” said WWF director general Jim Leape. “We are offering an alternative scenario – far more promising and entirely achievable.”

The Ecofys scenario reveals that total energy demand will be 15pc lower than in 2005. “The report is more than a scenario – it’s a call for action. We can achieve a cleaner, renewable future, but we must start now.”

Saving measures will be necessary as it will require €3.5trn a year by 2035 on the modernisation of buildings and electricity grids, and the expansion of wind farms and solar parks. It would take a further five years to pay it off.

Stephan Singer, editor of the study and director of energy policy at WWF stated that, “This is insurance against the volatility of oil and gas prices and climate change.” He also added, “It can be done using currently available technologies.”