Magnet attract with business VoIP market

31 Oct 2007

Magnet’s business division has rolled out a new converged voice and data service over a single circuit that removes the requirement for separate expensive ISDN lines.

The company says that by reducing the number of lines required and offering better priced call charges businesses can make cost savings in some cases of up to 85pc.

The service will be offered to companies that lie within the Magnet Business broadband footprint of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Portlaoise.

Also a VoIP-enabled phone system is required to use the service.

“Magnet is filling the need for a business-class voice service that enables the adoption of VoIP without the requirement to set up pre-paid accounts or to interconnect with low quality alternative service suppliers that offer limited support or backup systems,” explained Donal Hanrahan, sales and marketing director of Magnet Business.

“By providing competitive call rates and broadband fees in a single package as well as dedicated business support, companies are saved the hassle of dealing with multiple communications suppliers, while substantially reducing to their overall communications costs,” Hanrahan added.

By John Kennedy