What we know about the iPhone 4G

15 Apr 2010

With the US iPad launch done and dusted, the next iteration of the iPhone is undoubtedly next on the list but the question is what and when will this materialise?

While the next incarnation of the iPhone has been dubbed the 4G, there are several rumours circulating about the fact it will be called the iPhone HD.

A anonymous emailer got in touch with Gadgetrepublic.com and sent an image of the iPhone HD logo that he claims has been “floating around internally among colleagues after it was stumbled upon within internal systems”.

Claiming to have a friend inside Apple, he says this image has been around for the past couple of weeks but that “there has been no official word from higher up in Apple”.

A high-definition iPhone?

If we’re looking at a high-definition iPhone, then the stories about a souped-up camera with built-in flash and video conferencing abilities may hold some weight.

This would probably mean that the handset would probably come with the same powerful processor as the iPad – the 1GHz custom A4 processor that can go up against the Snapdragon processor that the Google Nexus One and the forthcoming HTC Evo are using.

Here’s another clue: one site reports that a recent screenshot looking at the background processes of the soon-to-be-released iPhone OS 4.0 revealed iChat capability in the form of a background processor called ‘iChatAgent’.

Being that iChat uses both text and video this would suggest that the iPhone HD will be ready to go head-to-head against the video conferencing as well as powerful processor of the Evo.

As the new iPhone OS is bringing multitasking, iBooks and iAd, the only other question is will it support the next-generation WiMAX network?

By Marie Boran

Photo: The the iPhone HD logo that has been in circulation