C&W launches Storm cloud comms platform

7 Dec 2011

Stephen Colgan, head of sales for Ireland, Enterprise, is joined by Aisling Wallace, global sales manager, and Dominic Jones, products and marketing director

Cable & Wireless Worldwide has launched its Storm hosted communications platform, which allows businesses to use multichannels on a single platform.

“Storm is a quantum leap for the business community in Ireland,” explained Stephen Colgan, head of sales for Ireland.

“Due to its massive capacity, it enables businesses to adapt to peaks and troughs, on demand. Instead of investing enormous sums in proprietary hardware and software, customers can adopt solutions through a demand-led, real-time, consumption-based delivery-model, with minimal capital expenditure.

“With traditional investment models, customers spend capital on over-engineered solutions whose peak demand is only ever needed for a fraction of the time. With Storm, they can now have as much as they require, when they need it.”

Using the system, users log into a secure web portal to choose from a menu of voice and contact centre ‘apps’, including IP telephony, voicemail, call recording, IVR call routing, SMS and IM web chat, all delivered over the cloud and compatible with back office systems and a variety of business devices.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years