Digital Britain appoints tech Czar

6 Aug 2009

Following his appointment as head of the Digital Britain project, treasury minister Stephen Timms said that better broadband access for UK homes and businesses was at “the top of his in-tray”.

Timms, as former e-commerce minister, is already acquainted with previous incarnations of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

In his new capacity as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State he will see that top priorities set out in the Digital Britain report will be followed through, while all work on this will be overseen by the business secretary Lord Mandelson and culture secretary Ben Bradshaw.

“Building a 21st century knowledge economy is at the heart of Government’s vision. It’s vital for jobs and growth that Britain is able to maximise the benefits of the digital revolution,” said Timms.

“I look forward to driving this project forward in my joint role working in the Treasury and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.”

Timms added that as the UK comes closer to the publication of the Digital Economy Bill, another priority would be combating digital piracy.

The Digital Britain report promised to reduce online piracy by at least 70pc with the proposal for a new system of warning letters to be sent to internet service providers (ISPs).

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