Enterprise cloud adoption in Europe on the increase

13 Nov 2014

A new report by Interxion has found that demand for cloud services is eclipsing demand for traditional hosting services.

The survey, which polled more than 400 business and IT decision-makers in the cloud and hosting market, showed a marked shift from last year, when traditional hosting was most popular.

The report revealed that 43pc of respondents now see a stronger demand for IaaS, up from 36pc last year. This is even more prevalent in Ireland and the UK, at 46pc. Only 23pc of respondents still see strongest demand for traditional hosting services, versus 56pc last year.

“In comparing this year’s survey findings to last year’s, it’s evident that the industry is in flux,” says Tanya Duncan, managing director at Interxion Ireland

“As more enterprises are migrating workloads to the cloud, European, and more specifically UK and Irish service providers, are shifting their offerings from traditional hosting to cloud services and expecting significant revenue gains from cloud as a result.

”With competition on the rise, both local providers and the multinational platforms have a role to play in the cloud market. To stay relevant, local providers in the UK and Ireland are focusing on customer service and portfolio diversification, rather than competing head-on with multinational players.”

The report also found that cloud impacts on revenues are expected to rise and service providers prefer to own and operate their IT infrastructure. 

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic