Music in the cloud: Sony, Universal and EMI to join Google Music

16 Nov 2011

Google will tonight launch its much-anticipated cloud locker service and it is understood that Warner is the only exception among the big labels that have signed up, which include Sony, Universal and EMI.

Google will compete against Apple’s iCloud, which bases itself around serving the iOS ecosystem and Amazon’s music locker service, which incidentally bases its services around the Android operating system.

Mobility is expected to be the cornerstone of the music launch, which will happen at 5pm (ET) in New York.

The big question is how will the Google Music Beta tie in with social media, particularly in terms of Google+. For example, Facebook recently scored a coup by inviting top online music vendors like Spotify and Rdio onto its platform and a new way to show users what music their friends are listening to.

Will Google+ include a feature that will tell users what music others are listening to, too?

All will be revealed tonight.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years