Vodafone rolls out cloud security platform for smartphone-toting firms

28 Oct 2013

Pictured: Jonathan Rutherford, head of Enterprise Marketing at Vodafone Ireland

With more than 90pc of firms using smartphones for work and 52pc using tablets, mobile operator Vodafone has begun rolling out a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) service to help businesses better protect their data.

Vodafone’s research claims that 90pc of businesses in Ireland use mobile data and 75pc of SMEs plan to invest in security over the next two years.

The operator has come up with a new MDM cloud platform that IT managers or administrators within the organisation can use to manage their entire mobile fleet that includes standard remote lock and wipe measures, a GPS locator for tracking devices and mobile application management for remote access to devices.

The MDM platform also comes with a Secure Email Gateway that integrates with internal systems and encrypts content sent between the device and the corporate network; a Secure Content Locker that allows IT managers to manage document distribution; and an Enterprise Integration Service that simplifies employee account administration.

“Businesses already know that security is a big issue on desktops or laptops with the need for anti-virus protection to prevent data being accessed, explained Jonathan Rutherford, head of Enterprise Marketing at Vodafone Ireland.  

“With mobile devices, there is an even greater need for security measures.  Vodafone now has a range of security solutions that can be built to fit different customer needs no matter what type of industry they work in – this is not a one-size-fits-all product.  Businesses can be confident that data on mobile devices is managed centrally and that shared information is protected,” Rutherford said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years