Adobe brings AIR to smart phones, including Android

16 Feb 2010

While strengthening its position in the mobile market with the launch of a beta version of Flash Player 10.1, Adobe also announced the arrival of AIR for mobile which will allow developers to create rich applications outside of the browser that will work on several operating systems.

Adobe AIR enables developers to deliver web apps outside the constraints of a browser while leveraging Flash Player 10.1 and giving support for mobile-specific functionality, including multi-touch, geolocation, screen orientation and accelerometer.

The development of AIR arose from the Open Screen Project, an industry-wide effort from Adobe that includes nearly 70 partners, including manufacturers of smart phones, tablets, smartbooks, netbooks and other consumer electronics devices.

AIR is expected to arrive on Android devices later this year with other handsets, including BlackBerry, expected to have support in the near future.

“Adobe AIR 2.0 is a great technology for developing engaging mobile applications,” said Christy Wyatt, vice-president, software applications and ecosystem at Motorola.

“We look forward to seeing AIR come to the Android platform and developers creating applications that will delight our end-users.”

By Marie Boran

Photo: Adobe AIR lets developers deliver web apps outside a browser