Apple discontinues 20-inch display

20 Feb 2009

So it appears that Apple’s flat-panel 20-inch Cinema Display is no more. According to distributors it has been listed as discontinued, and buyers visiting the online Apple store will be sent to a link saying: “The item you have selected is currently not available from the Apple Store.”

This leaves the 24-inch backlit LED screen and its big brother, the 30-inch high-definition cinema display.

Apple has not officially announced that the 20-inch is no longer being produced, but a message sent to suppliers, according to AppleInsider, said it all: “With immediate effect, the following products are ‘End of Life’ (EOL): Apple 20-inch Cinema Display. All backlog will be cancelled and there is no automatic order conversion.”

Does this mean Apple will soon be releasing a new, updated version of its Cinema Display line? Rumour has it that stock on the 30-inch model is also running low, so perhaps the gossips are right for once.

That, or the 20-inch is gone forever, rendered unnecessary due to the popularity of the 24-inch.

By Marie Boran