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5 Feb 2009

Find the cheapest place for buttered chicken in Ireland, or where to go online to vent your rage over rubbish motorists in this week’s Blog Digest. (pictured above)

With the tagline ‘tough times, great food’, you can’t help but nose-dive into this site.

I started off by reading a guest post by Maman Poulet ( on her favourite haunts to dine on a budget: she recommends Asian restaurant Madina on Moore Street in Dublin, where she reckons you can get the best butter chicken in Ireland for €8.95.

There are also plenty of links to food- and dining-related special offers and competitions, something I like to see when every second TV or radio slot related to food and culture seems to pooh-pooh the recession and tell us to throw on our best fake pearls and pretend we have money (read credit) to burn.

Thoughts from Bespoke HQ

Bespoke HQ

Official company blogs can go either way: dull as ditch water or engaging by way of offering something unique.

Thankfully, the new blog from PR company Bespoke is of the latter variety and covers a host of insightful topics, including the ‘social not-working’ one on Facebook: “If people can use mobile phones and send text messages while at work – or even nip outside for a cigarette for that matter – then how bad can a few minutes on Facebook (or other) be throughout the working day?” asks Neil O’Gorman.

One great post I recommend reading on this blog is the six tips for budding PR professionals, especially as it’s coming up to that time of year when both secondary school and college students are seeking work experience: this post gives you all the essentials for coming prepared.



Yes, this blog has a rude name, but that is to reflect the anger and angst of those burdened with the awful driver’s disease of road rage.

Anyway, some drivers are so bad that instead of getting out of the car and threatening to remove vital organs, it’s probably best to take the passive/aggressive route and rant about them on this blog with similar-minded citizens.

Last year this blog almost shut down due to lack of activity. It was resurrected but is a bit quiet these days. Why don’t you sit down, articulate your views and submit a post, because Lord knows there are plenty of careless and unsafe drivers out there.

Coffee Helps

Coffee Helps

This blog is a lovely corner of the web to stumble upon – it follows the adventures and thoughts of a girl from Ballymena who is living the dream and travelling across Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia and Hungary, amongst other countries – but one post in particular caught my eye: 101 Things.

101 Things is a list of things to do with a deadline of 1001 days in which to do them. It’s very gratifying to A. Read the list and be able to tick off your own accomplishments, and B. See how the author is slowly but surely making her way through this list too.

Here’s a few for you, dear reader, to try out this week: offer to help a stranger, watch a B&W cinema classic and document ‘a day in your life’ with photos. Go on, I dare you.

By Marie Boran