Blog Digest

13 Nov 2008

It’s time to see the post-it note as something other than humble office stationary in this week’s Blog Digest.

Contrast – The Blog

Contrast .ie is a young and talented firm of web designers who really get online branding. Its blog is a great place to dip your toes in if you are an SME looking to establish your visibility and brand on the web, because the way information is presented on your site and how your visitor interacts with the information available is paramount.

Des Traynor of Contrast advises us to keep it simple: “In the pursuit of usability, it’s easy to assume users are bumbling idiots who are seven cans short of a six pack, and label the forms accordingly.”

The No Nonsense Blog

I’m not one to beat people over the head with the recession stick, but let’s face it, money is tighter and the No Nonsense Blog is having none of it! Actually, it is advising that you head to sites like eBay for bargains, which I thoroughly agree with, but opting for a Skoda instead of a Passat? I’m not entirely sure the whole nation will go with that tip.

However, the main focus here is on car insurance, as the blog is part of the insurance company with the same name. While the main site offers a free insurance quote, the blog is a nice extra for customers and non-customers alike.

The Green Blog

Did you know that the 10 most pesticide-laden foods include flour, potatoes, bread, apples and tomatoes? Scary stuff, and there is plenty more information on living a green lifestyle on this blog.

It’s pretty much a one-stop blog for leading an eco-conscious, sustainable lifestyle, and topics covered range from where you can buy eco-fashion to farmers’ markets around Ireland, green fuels and transport.

If you decide to make one change in your life this year, make it something green and help save our planet. If you don’t know where to start, then make visiting this blog your first click towards leading a better life.

Tiny Poems (pictured)

Post-it notes are an intrinsic part of office life. They conjure up images of missed phone calls and impending deadlines.

What about turning post-it notes into an art form? Poetry even? This blog, which has just begun, lets us escape into the world of micro-poetry. Sinead Cochrane’s posts consist of beautiful, succinct poems scribbled on those otherwise gloom-inducing sheets of yellow sticky-backed paper.

So the next time you crumple up a post-it and curse your workload, leave it aside and visit Tiny Poems. Better yet, peel off a fresh one, write your own poem and send it to this inspirational blog.

By Marie Boran