Budget reactions of the moment on Twitter

7 Dec 2011

And so the two-day Budget has passed … leaving a trail of impacts for the population living in Ireland. But what has the reaction from the Irish internet populus been like? Here’s a selection of what’s currently trending in #Budget2012 Twittersphere circles.

StevenBrab Steven Brabazon
Apparently it’s a “terrible day” for motorists!! I knew this not driving craic would pay off

Last word to Lord Palmerston ‘nations have neither friends nor enemies they have interests’

Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen’s pensions will be cut by 76 euro a week while disability allowance for young people cut by 88 euro

Mick Wallace “I’d rather be poor in La Paz in Bolivia than poor in Dublin”

Hiking up VAT by 2% happens against a backdrop of 43rd consecutive month of decline in retail sales.

My cartoon from today’s Sun, #budget2012, #MichaelNoonan as Santa!! pic.twitter.com/2pAp7zcK

Government could make u-turn on disability allowance … after backlash from Fine Gael and Labout TD’s …

@Stephenbrow your tax relief should rise to about €250 per month

Recession graffiti a new form art around the banks in Dublin pic.twitter.com/MrAASTYs

Why do 1st time buyers get mortgage interest relief? They got stamp duty relief & 1st time buyer grants! + discounted bank loan!

Pain from a papercut is slightly different to the pain of childbirth or a kidney stone! Pain has not been equally shared.

Never thought I’d say this but it would be entirely appropriate for Michael Noonan to say a decade of the rosary right now.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic