Google Glass job listing sparks rumours of return

8 Jun 2015

Nobody really knows what’s next for Google Glass, by a distance the most ambitious smart technology creation of the past two years. However, with a new job posted recently, rumours are swirling.

Google is looking for an Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineer, FATP (Glass). The FATP, the listing explains, stands for “final assembly, test and pack”.

The successful candidate will be “responsible for using your creativity and diverse range of engineering experience to develop and evaluate solutions to new engineering problems.”

As Business Insider claims, it all sounds a bit like Google has plans for commercial products, and not just some testing and experimentation.

Google glass job spec

Google Glass job spec inc;udes these key requirements

Last November, amid slumping sales, Google closed its four bricks-and-mortar Google Glass stores. If anything, the devices became an irrelevance soon after and for four months the tech topic of conversation moved on to the Apple Watch.

Now, though, we may see a shift back.

We predicted this, honest!

Indeed, it’s something our very own John Kennedy predicted last December as he gazed into his crystal ball.

“Why on earth isn’t Google trying to make Glass useful in various industries, such as healthcare, where doctors can remotely instruct emergency workers or surgeons, industrial applications, where designers can communicate with engineers, or law, where police officers can have devices that can both record incidents and send information to officers on the spot?” he pondered.

“Technology history has always taught us that today’s technologies began as yesterday’s industrial or military innovations – the internet and mobile phones are a case in point. Google just went about it from the wrong direction.

“It could take Google Glass a long time to be as accepted as Android or iPhones today, but Google could be on to a nice earner if it solves vertical problems first. Already Google has begun working with Intel to provide the brains of the next Glass model, but Google could also solve real-world issues with its Glass technology.”

Maybe John’s crystal ball actually works! Watch this space, it seems.

Google Glass image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic