Google predictive text ‘defines’ places in Ireland

24 Apr 2013

Dublin City Hall

Google predictive text can be a convenient tool, but sometimes when an internet user types a search term into the search engine, it can deliver some rather interesting predictive text suggestions.

Predictive text is partly based upon what others may search for in relation to the keywords entered into Google, and when it comes to defining places in Ireland, the predictive text results range from funny to cringe-worthy.

“Half the fun of finding what you’re looking for online is finding what you’re not looking for,” Joe Berkowitz had written in ‘The Accidental Poetry of Google’s Predictive Search’.

Here are some of the more notable Google predictive text suggestions from searching for ‘(Place in Ireland) is …’

Dublin is

Belfast is

Cork is

Galway is

Limerick is

Kilkenny is

Athlone is

Longford is

Trim is


Then there’s Ireland as a whole:


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic