iPhone goes topless

25 Jun 2009

What has been dubbed as ‘iPorn’ – the ‘Hottest Girls’ iPhone app – is the first app containing adult content to make it into the App Store.

Wait. Apple is very strict about what kind of content it allows to be sold via the App Store, I hear you say – it even blocked Twitter app Tweetie from submitting an update due to the inclusion of swearwords, ie filtering people’s tweets from the internet!

This is where the new OS 3.0 update comes in handy. It didn’t just come with cut and paste, MMS and the like; it also has new parental controls, so that parents can decide what music, videos and apps their kids have access to.

The Hottest Girls app is already in the App Store for download, but the latest update has transformed the content from lingerie clad to completely topless, the first app vetted to contain nudity.

Priced at US€1.99, this app is rated 17+, the first iPhone app to have age classification, but I’m sure we will see a plethora of similar ones appearing in no time.

By Marie Boran