Lenovo thinks Wyse and goes thin

17 Dec 2007

Computer manufacturer Lenovo and thin-client specialist Wyse Technology have signed an agreement that will extend Lenovo’s PC portfolio with thin-client technology.

The agreement will provide Lenovo customers around the world with access to a wide selection of thin clients, including management and multimedia software that complements Lenovo’s notebooks and desktop PCs.

They will be able to purchase Wyse products directly from Lenovo, availing of a range that includes desktop thin clients, mobile thin client notebooks and advanced multimedia acceleration software that integrates with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware desktop virtualisation solutions.

“Adding solutions from Wyse Technology to our ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop portfolio will give our customers a complete, industry-leading technology solution all in one place,” said Steve Petracca, senior vice-president, software and peripherals, Lenovo. “With customers in all industries, especially healthcare and finance, using thin-client technology, this partnership helps integrate a customer’s thin client and other PC requirements.”

Thin clients can help provide a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution with central storage of applications and data along with low power consumption and reduced hardware and IT maintenance costs.

By Niall Byrne