Sony launches range of 4K TVs

7 Jan 2014

Sony launches range of 4K TVs

New 4K ultra-HD TVs are the future according to Sony, and the company wants you to know about it with the launch of its new range of 4K TVs aimed at the mass market.

Are 3D TVs the technological equivalent of the mini-disc player? Sony certainly thinks so as it announces its new range of 4K TVs as part of its 4K strategy, which ties in with its 4K streaming and downloading service, Video Unlimited.

This range of TVs will also support fellow content-streaming providers Netflix who will shortly be rolling out its 4K quality shows, like House of Cards, worldwide and is expected to release more throughout the first half of this year.

Bigger is better

In terms of the actual televisions themselves, don’t expect to fit them in the spare room of an apartment.

Sony’s flagship XBR-X950B series 4K TV comes in at a gargantuan 85 and 65-inch class screen sizes but will bring picture quality with four times the resolution and clarity of Full HD 1080p.

This model follows the slightly smaller XBR-X900B model and finally the XBR-X850B model, which is considered to be for its ‘broader base of customers’ at a more attainable price.

All models have the same features, including ClearAudio+ digital sound processing, NFC OneTouch mirroring, built-in Wi-Fi, and are 3D capable.

Along with Sony, many of the world’s biggest content providers have recognised the importance and future of 4K-quality programming and have begun the process of making it available to providers.

Some of the other organisations and companies include YouTube, online photo-sharing website 500px and this summer’s FIFA World Cup, where Sony will be providing technical support to enable FIFA to produce the 2014 FIFA World Cup final in 4K.

Unsurprisingly, Sony has also been working with its own Blu-ray service, having begun re-mastering HD quality films to the 4K format since last year.

Expected to launch in the coming months, Sony’s 4K TVs have yet to be priced by the Japanese manufacturers but expect its 950B model to cost somewhere in the region of €15,000-€20,000, going by current prices.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic