The week in gadgets

21 Feb 2011

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Next Google Chrome browser could move URL bar

The next version of Google Chrome could see some radical changes, including a moved the URL bar.

According to Conceivably Tech, Google is looking at four new layouts for the browser, with two in particular in focus – Compact and Classic. Compact features the URL bar in a tab of its own.

This would be a big change for the typical style of internet browsers. Google Chrome is known as a minimalist browser, aiming to load pages as fast as possible.

The Compact browser would be more simplified than before, changing the two-line navigation layout into a one-line version.

Apple could introduce new MacBooks Pro notebooks this week

Apple may introduce a new range of MacBook Pro notebooks sometime this week, as retailers prepare for new stock.

According to Apple Insider, the company told retailers that sealed pallet shipments will be arriving today and gave the stores strict warnings not to open them.

The company said an official announcement in regards to these products would follow shortly.

US store Best Buy’s website’s laptop discovery tool has listed “new SKU” laptops from Apple.

The only information the store provided were prices, which were US$1,199, US$1,499, US$1,799, US$2,199 and US$2,499.

The first four prices cover variants of the current line of MacBook Pro laptops, though the last is only identified as “New SKU I” suggesting the range will introduce a 17-inch model.

Nun kicked out of her order for using Facebook too much

A nun has been banished from her order for spending too much time on Facebook.

According to CNET, the order introduced a computer to the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Spain 10 years ago.

Sister Maria Jesus Galan saw the benefits of such a device and used it to digitise the convent’s archives and utilise online banking.

Her online efforts earned her a prize from the government and Galan soon gained hundreds of friends on Facebook, thanks to this fame.

However, the rest of the order claimed that Galan’s Facebook activity “made life impossible” and was asked to leave.

Her Facebook friends have sent her support, criticising the order’s move.