The world’s first social book?

24 Apr 2012

View of the book cover of Damage Report

A Hungarian digital agency is claiming to have come up with the world’s first social book that interactively blurs the boundary between print and online.

Karmamedia said it teamed up with writer Máriusz Bari to create a digital background and a crowdfunding business model for the author’s first book Damage Report.

The book itself is described by the digital agency as a cyberpunk-inspired rant about technology. And there are QR codes in the book for people to interact with via their smartphones.

Karmamedia said that by scanning the codes people would be able to adopt the pages. There’s also a website for the adoption.

The agency’s CEO Szabolcs Sandor claimed Damage Report is the world’s first social book because it also allows users to scan the codes and leave comments linked to the individual pages.

Damage Report

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic