Windows 7 on the verge of overtaking XP

3 Jan 2012

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is about to overtake Windows XP in terms of global operating system market share if its current trajectory is anything to go by.

According to December data from, the 11-year-old Windows XP – perhaps Microsoft’s most popular operating system to date – held a market share of 46.5pc, down from 48.8pc in November.

Windows 7, meanwhile, which debuted late 2009, is showing signs it will soon eclipse XP. In December, Windows 7 held a marketshare of 36.9pc up from 34.6pc in November.

Based on XP’s descent and Windows 7 trajectory, Windows 7 will overtake XP at around 42pc global marketshare.

Meanwhile, the troubled Windows Vista, which never achieved the love of the masses, continues its slide, dropping from 8.48pc global market share in November to 8.44pc.

Mac OS X Lion on upward trajectory

Apple’s latest operating system OS X Lion (10.7) may soon overtake its predecessor OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), according to the figures from

Lion currently has a 2.02pc global marketshare of operating systems; up from 1.86pc in November.

Meanwhile, Snow Leopard’s global market share has declined to 3.05pc in December from 3.22pc in November.

Global OS marketshare

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years